Monday, 21 September 2015

Our Fishies we made with toilet paper rolls and paper collage. We are learning about the shape "cylinder"

Thanks for modelling, Sophie and Lauren.

Anita and Isabella loved our Fruit Salad!

Leo and Sywon's Fruit Salad

Doris, Stella L, and Sam's Fruit Salad

Lukas and Andrew talk about Fruit Salad

Dominoes in the Library- Daniel and Nathan

Fruit Salad Yum Yum! Lily and Isabelle

Making Fruit Salad by Andreas and Sanajan

Fruit Salad by Lauren and Stella V

Fruit Salad Day by Tanya and Sophie

Congratulations, Sophie, for your Principal's Award at School Assembly on Friday!

Received for her amazing acting abilities.

Fruit Salad Friday! With 12 different types of fruit!

How our runner-beans have grown in just two weeks! Photo cred: Lily, Regan S, Sophie